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Loans By Lending Point

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Authorization For Assignment Of Application Data To Lending Point

Please review the authorization terms and conditions then click on I AGREE button below.

Whereas Borrower has applied for an Unsecured Consumer Loan with CapexMD;


Whereas CapexMD has entered into an agreement to securely transfer Borrower's application data to Lending
Point LLC (a mid-prime Unsecured Consumer Lender);


Whereas the Borrower data that is securely sent to Lending Point LLC is for the sole purpose of determining
whether Lending Point can assist with all or part of the Borrower's loan request.

Therefore, by clicking on the I AGREE button below, Borrower hereby authorizes such transfer of data and understands and
agrees to the following:

In the event that Lending Point LLC is able to fund all or part of the Borrower's loan request then, upon the
closing of the Borrower's loan with Lending Point, Lending Point LLC will transfer the full amount for which the
Borrower is approved directly to CapexMD. CapexMD will immediately distribute these funds to the pharmacy as needed.

Thereafter, the Borrower wil receive a pre-paid Patient Medication Voucher Allowance (PMVA) in equal value to the
Lending Point Loan. The pre-paid PMVA will remain in effect for a period of 60 days from the date that the Voucher is
activated. The pre-paid PMVA is activated when the pharmacy is contacted and the first prescription is ordered.

If the pre-paid PMVA is not fully utilized, the unutilized portion will be refunded to the person designated
as the Borrower on the Lending Point Loan. A reprocessing fee of 3% will be assessed on the refunded amount.

By clicking on the I AGREE button below you hereby agree to and authorize the above.